How to reset Epson T13 printer

Minggu, 07 Juli 2013

step how to reset printer Epson T13
1. Make sure the printer is connected to a computer with the right drivers.
2. Prepare software resetter Epson T13, if you do not have a download click HERE
3. Run the software resetter double click "AdjProg.exe".
4. Then follow the steps as in the picture "Check: function to determine a count / counter, if it is approaching the maximum 7800 points means it's time to reset the printer / zeroed count Main Pad Counter"
"Initialization: function to  reset the count back Main Pad Counter"

Once the reset process is complete, turn off the printer via the power button, then turn it back on. If successful, the printer is no longer blinking and the power light is green.

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