Canon IP3000 led blinking in orange

Jumat, 19 Juli 2013

LED Blinking in Orange:

2 times: No paper. (ASF) [1000]; Set the paper in the ASF, and press the Resume/Cancel button.No CD-R tray. [1001]*1; Set the CD-R tray, and press the Resume/Cancel button.
No paper in the cassette. [1003]; Set the paper in the cassette, and press the Resume/Cancel button.

3 times: Paper jam. [1300]; Remove the jammed paper, and press the Resume/Cancel button.
Paper jam in the under guide. [1304]
Paper jam in the rear guide.[1303]
Front door closed. [1250]; Open the paper output tray.

4 times: No ink.[1601 / 1611 / 1612 / 1613]; Replace the empty ink tank(s), or press the Resume/Cancel button. Pressing the Resume/Cancelbutton will exit the error without ink tank replacement, however, ink may run out during printing.

5 times: The print head is not installed [1401], or it is not properly installed (EEPROM data of the print head is faulty) [1403 /1405]. Install the print head properly, and close the access cover. Or, with the print head installed, turn the printer off and on.

6 times: Inner cover open. [1841]*2; Close the inner cover, and press the Resume/Cancel button.
Inner cover open (during printing on paper). [1846]*2; Close the inner cover, and press the Resume/Cancel button.
CD-R tray guide closed (during CD-R printing).[1850 / 1855]*1; Open the CD-R tray guide, set the
CD-R tray properly, and press the Resume/Cancel button.
CD-R tray guide open (during printing to paper). [1851 /1856]*1; Close the CD-R tray guide, and press the Resume/Cancel button.

7 times:No CD-R or DVD-R. [1002] After setting a CD-R or DVD-R in the tray, set the tray in the tray guide, and press the Resume/Cancel button.

8 times: Warning: The waste ink absorber becomes almost full (approx. 95% of the maximum capacity). [1700]; Pressing the Resume/Cancel button will exit the error, and enable printing. The service call error, indicating the waste ink absorber is full, is likely to occur soon.
In repair servicing, replace the bottom case unit (QM2-1249), or the ink absorbers (QC1-4222 / 4223 / 4224 / 4263 / 4264 / 4864).

9 times: The connected digital camera or digital video camera does not support Camera Direct Printing. [2001]; After removing the cable between the camera and the printer, press the Resume/Cancel button, and
re-connect the cable.

10 times: Automatic duplex printing cannot be performed (paper size not supported). [1310]; Press the Resume/Cancel button to eject the paper being used at error occurrence. Printing will resume from on the front side of the next page.

 11 times: Failed in automatic print head alignment. [2500]; Press the Resume/Cancel button, and after confirming the following, perform print head alignment again: - Set an appropriate type and size of paper (plain paper, A4 or letter). - Check that the nozzle check pattern is properly printed (all ink ejected, no faint printing). - Protect the paper output slot from exposure to excessive light.
Access cover open. [1200]; Close the access cover.

LED Blinking in Orange and Green Alternately, or Lit in Orange: 

2 times: Carriage error [5100]
3 times: Paper feed error [6000]
4 times: Purge unit error [5C00]
5 times: ASF (cam) sensor error [5700]
6 times: Internal temperature error [5400]
7 times: Waste ink absorber full [5B00]
8 times: Print head temperature rise error [5200]
9 times: EEPROM error [6800]
11 times: Carriage lift mechanism error [5110]
12 times: AP position error [6A00]
13 times: Paper feed position error [6B00]
14 times: Paper feed cam sensor error [6B10]
15 times: USB Host VBUS overcurrent [9000]
16 times: Valve sensor error [6C00]
17 times: Motor driver error [6D00]
20 times: Other hardware error [6500]
Continuous alternate blinking: rom error

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